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Pigs equipments



Poultry equipments



    Van Hoof Ukraine is active in different fields of the agricultural sector.

    Van Hoof Ukraine supplies all equipment for the poultry industry. From feed lines, ventilators, heaters and slaughter lines van Hoof can supply. As agent from top brands in the sector van Hoof can supply the quality you demand.

    We also supply all the equipment for Pig houses.

    Van Hoof Ukraine supplies agricultural equipment to the Ukrainian market. We represent big manufactures like the Kuhn group and Agrifac. As agent from APH we represent a big group of manufactures specialized in equipment in the field of potato and vegetable equipment. Van hoof is also the agent of Imants Cultivators in Ukraine.

    Also other new and second hand equipment van Hoof is supplying to the Ukrainian market. Examples are feed mills and Tractors.

    Prograin is a Dutch / Ukrainian / Canadian joint venture. Prograin has several soya variaties registered in Ukraine which they reproduce and market in Ukraine.

    On our farm we grow different cultures like wheat, soya, sugarbeets and mais.

    You have plans to expand your business in Ukraine? Contact us, we have together more than 20 years experience in different fields of the Ukrainian economy.